SuperCoco is a project that arises from the need in the agricultural sector to have 100% natural and recyclable high quality substrates for horticulture professionals, nurseries, flower producers and seedlings; Our mission is to help farmers obtain better harvests and more effective management without forgetting sustainability.

We are in the city of Malaga (Spain), a strategic place that serves as a meeting point between Europe, Africa and America. Our factory is located in the interior of India, close to the raw material, with very low salinity rates as it is far from the coast. Our system, through annual programs, allows us to have a stable and continuous supply of coconut fiber in the best conditions.

We constantly work on improving our substrates, creating new solutions with the sole aim of generating competitive advantages for our customers. To this end, we are able to adapt to changes in the different dynamics of the market.  We are thus an integral part of the value chain of agricultural production.

At SuperCoco, we are a team of professionals in continuous learning, which, thanks to the effort and experience gained, has allowed us to expand our presence and share knowledge with our customers.  We understand this relationship as partners, where research and development helps to create mutual value and makes us improve and distinguish ourselves from the competition: therefore we seek those who can assess our quality and share our commitment to building stable relationships.

“This means that we sacrifice, for the benefit of our customers, anything that can reduce the yield of our products and the production of their crops”.

Every day we work to offer our customers the best products in a comfortable and efficient way, coordinating all aspects of production, export and import management, as well as transport from origin to destination.  Over the past five years, we have been able to multiply our production capacity fourfold. Today, we arrive in countries on three continents.  And we continue to grow without sacrificing quality.

We are aware that, today, farmers need substrates of the highest quality for their business because only in this way will they get the best performance and the highest quality in their products.  You can trust us, we want to be your partner.

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